I haven't blogged in over a month, maybe more. We had exciting news, and it was hard to write about the little things when there was such big news to share. However, our big news turned into some of the hardest and saddest I have ever had to face, and that too, was difficult to share.

We found out that we were pregnant at the end of May. On June 17th, I had an early ultrasound and discovered that it was twins. However, at our appointment on July 10th we learned that, at 10 weeks, the babies had not made it, and I suffered a miscarriage that following weekend. It has been two of the most difficult weeks of my life, and while the bad moments are fewer every day, there are times when I don't think I will ever feel like myself again.

I am thankful for an incredible family and group of friends who literally dropped everything to be with us through this awful time, and to let us know how much we meant to them. It is amazing, and though everything seems so unfair, I realize just how lucky I am. Mike and I grieve in our own ways, but going through this together has strengthened our relationship, and I wouldn't want to go through anything with anyone else.

The good news (while not much of a comfort) is that the doctor says that there is slim chance of this happening again, and that I am healthy and recovering well. We should not have problems starting a family in the future when we feel ready.

This is a such a personal event, one that is not talked about almost at all in our society. It has been amazing to hear how practically everyone I know has been affected by miscarriage in some way - going through it themselves or having a close friend or family member suffer through it. Knowing that other women have gone through this and are happy and healthy members of society makes me realize that I will be okay too.

While it is such a personal and private event, I wanted to say something here. I want to be able to continue to blog about the little things in life, and I can't do it without discussing the big ones,even when they're painful.