I'm 28 weeks pregnant and my feet have disappeared.  I figured that was as good a milestone as any to turn this into a pregnancy (and eventually a mommy) blog. 

Pregnancy is weird.  I do not love it.  It is one bizarre (and generally uncomfortable) symptom after another.  It also involves buying a bunch of clothes that will not be worn for more than a couple months. I hate clothes shopping. Particularly on non-investment pieces.

Not that I'm not excited about having a baby.  I'm just ready to get to that part as soon as possible.  Even the unpleasant experiences.  I am not a patient person and I am a worrier, the combination of which makes this whole pregnancy thing suck.  Waiting is, as far as I am concerned, way worse than physical pain, or sleep deprivation, or getting baby pee in your mouth.  At least now we are into the third trimester and the little peanut appears to be practicing tai chi most of the time, so I am aware that she is alive in there. The kicking is one symptom I will not whine about (except when my bladder is the target...then I will whine). 

I have a third ultrasound on Friday.  They detected a partial placenta previa during my 20 week ultrasound.  The doc was optimistic that it would move, but they want to have another look.  This means we get another glimpse at the booboo, and a chance to get a better look at her lady bits and confirm that they are, in fact, lady bits.  I don't know how one-ultrasound mommies manage, and I completely understand why Tom Cruise went out and bought an sonogram thingy (even if he is otherwise a crazy person).  Way better milestone to look forward to than morning sickness or hemmorrhoids.  I'm not even concerned about the previa...worst case scenario, we have to schedule a c-section. Not ideal, but it could be a lot worse!  I just can't wait to see her again! Hopefully this time she'll look a little more like a human and less like a squashy alien cat baby.  (I think the tech was a little concerned that that was our diagnosis).  However, I promise to love her even if she does.

But I can't see my feet.  And I'm pretty sure that is why somebody came up with the concept of online baby registries.  Because, as far as I can tell, newborns don't need a whole lot.  Pregnant mommies, on the otherhand, need something to distract them from the fact that entire body parts are no longer visible and they've still got months to go.  And computers are generally located close to bathrooms.  And on that note...