Hi. My name is Allison and sometimes I forget to blog for oh...two months or so.  But, this is my blog and if I want to stare at a wall for two months instead of blogging, that is my problem.  Also, my laptop will not connect to the internet and the other computer is ancient and located in what I lovingly refer to as "Mike's hovel".  So needless to say, it is not exactly where I want to spend time.

MissMcGee/Beebee/Bean/Nora is a week and a few days shy of a year old and we spent Memorial Day doing exactly what we did last Memorial Day - with Mike's family at the cabin.  The major difference this year was not our little addition, it was the fact that I was not pregnant and dying of heat exhaustion in 400 degree weather. Which I appreciated. Functioning in 90 degree weather with an actual 6 lb 98.6 degree body in your belly is not entirely comfortable. I prefer her on the outside.  Plus, she's cute. Oh, and SPOILED. In case you don't believe me...

Grandma and Grandpa Carroll just got a brand new car.  It has a TV and DVD player. And a one year subscription to a bunch of cartoon channels. Lucky kid. My brother and I used to have to fight for fun on road trips.

Chillaxin' in the hammock. Right about before she rolled off.

On the canoe.  There was much yelling after Mommy made her stop drinking river water.  (And yes, she does have a life vest. Also, the water is about three feet deep).

Nora does not sleep particularly well at the cabin. So I'm a wee bit exhausted in the morning.  Thankfully, mornings tend to go like this:  Nora cries. Nora nurses. Mike wanders out to the screened in porch where his parents have been awake for hours and hands over a granddaughter.  We proceed to go back to sleep for a few hours.  Nora and grandparents proceed to go fishing.

I finally found a Tonka truck (for $1...woot). Nora had expressed an interest in on in the waiting room at the doctor's a few months ago. (She also expressed interest in a Reader's Digest subscription card). 

We ended the weekend with a trip out on Grandpa's new fishing boat.  Nora was not amused by the life preserver.

My silly bean.