I haven't blogged in....ohhhh.....forever. I have no excuse, but I'm going to attempt it again and I have a great "first" post!

Sarah and Joe Short welcomed Benjamin James Short into the world at 12:55 this afternoon. He weighed 8 lbs and was 21 inches long. If you know Sarah, you realize that an 8 pound baby is just ridiculous. I am having a hard time figuring out how he fit. Sarah is like 4'10 and probably isn't anywhere near 100 pounds unless she is several months pregnant. Her labor sounded horrendous - if I calculate it right, she was in labor for about thirty hours from the time her water broke, got Pitocin, and epidural, pushed for two and a half hours, and eventually had to have a c-section because it was an "obstructed delivery."

I haven't gotten to talk to her yet (for obvious reasons), but Joe assures me that while exhausted, both mama and baby are doing well. Since I'm currently effectively stuck in Lancaster because of stormacolypse (freezing rain, snow, regular rain, more snow, sleet etc.) I'm hoping we'll be able to get up to Madison on Saturday afternoon to meet the new guy and celebrate Christmas with Sarah, Joe, Julie, and Brad.

Looking bright eyed (I think those are mommy's eyeballs) and curious not too long after birth.

I'm pretty sure that's daddy's nose!

Meeting Auntie Julie!