I love Halloween. Mainly for the chocolate. Not so much for the Whoppers (which, as far as I am concerned, are as much a waste of sugar as Sweet Tarts, Smarties, and anything made with white "chocolate").  I also love Halloween because, unless you take yourself a little too seriously and you're out protesting in the streets (and to be honest, if it weren't for you, I'm pretty sure NOBODY would remember Halloween's evil, horrendous, scary "pagan" roots), it is the one holiday that really is just about collecting and consuming enormous amounts of sugary goodness.  I don't have to feel thankful for anything (except that last Reeses Peanut Butter Cup I discovered after thinking I eaten all of them), be annoyed by people reminding me "the reason for the season" (yes, got it, thank you), or hurt my brain by attempting to figure out the whole bunny/resurrection link (how come nobody goes door to door on Easter complaining?) not to mention having to avoid Cadbury Cream Eggs...gross.

I trick or treated a bit longer than most kids (I was short and got away with it), had quite the time in Madison during and after college (before the whole riot thing started), but frankly, having a kid at Halloween is definitely a parental perk. Especially if said child is too young to really eat much of the candy but looks absolutely adorable in costume. And what kid doesn't. 

This year, Mike announced in August that he and Nora were going as Mario and Luigi. He is, after all, a plumber.  Seriously the easiest costume ever.  Two inexpensive felt hats off Etsy, a pair of overalls for Mike from the bargain bin at Farm and Fleet, and a little eyeliner for moustaches and we were set.  Babies come equipped with red onesies and overalls. Wisconsinites come equipped with green Packer shirts.  I think they turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself.

Luigi & Mario. Mario obviously needs to find a mushroom or a fireflower stat.
The best part of Nora's night (and this includes eating candy) was spending most of the evening on Daddy's shoulders.
What? You don't have a small mustachioed Pebbles Flintstone in your bathtub?

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    Anonymous said...

    I was recently telling someone how I went trick-or-treating as a freshmen in high school. They thought that was wrong on so many levels until I calmly explained that I've been my current height since 7th grade, and many 'tweens are bigger than me but still get to trick-or-treat!

    I can't recall who I was actually supposed to be that last year I went trick-or-treating, but still thank you for supplying me with the costume! And is it possible you stole some of my peanut butter cups that night?!?! ;)Thanks for the good memories!
    Kelly (Benda) Gonzales

  1. ... on 11/14/2011