Finally! A schedule-free Sunday with no Packer game. Thank you Monday Night Football.  It's not that I'm anti-football or anything. It's just when the Badgers take up a chunk of every Saturday and the Packers overwhelm Sundays and the Brewers were in the playoff for far too long, weekends tend to get kind of crowded.  That's way more sports than this barely casual fan can handle.

Plus, we were running out of food.  And though the local Piggly Wiggly manages to keep us stocked with staples, getting real groceries requires an hour and a half roundtrip drive to Dubuque.  Since there was no game to get home for, we used the opportunity to visit the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.  Mike and I had been before, mainly through Girl Scout trips when I was in grad school and working for GSUSA.  As the admission price is borderline outrageous (I would prefer Smithsonian affliates charge what the Smithsonian nothing) I made an executive decision that we should probably go before we have to start paying for Nora, and it gave us an excuse to see the new addition in the old Diamond Jo Casino.  I hope Nora appreciated the trip - because we're now broke and future trips to an aquarium will probably involve the fish section at PetSmart.

Loving the toddler accessible fishies.

Giant Channel Cat (I know this guy has a name) coming in for a smooch.

Puckering up.

Can you feel the love?

He (she?) has many secrets. Some of which Nora now knows.

Checking out the giant Gar in the recessed window that almost led to an injury.

Petting the badger pelt.  Daddy basically skipped all the other animals and went straight to Bucky.

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