At 17 months Nora is into:
  • broccoli (tees!)
  • clinking glasses (salut!)
  • doing it herself
  • chasing after Gatsby(Ats-ee) the papillon carrying around a large tupperware tray filled with sippy cups
  • her lovey, Booboo (tiny fleece blanket with a lamb/hippo/rabbit head depending on which one is clean) 
  • her stuffed turtle (Tuh-tle) from "Uncle Brandon"
  • being done with dinner when she she is done with dinner
  • tea
Why am I giving a 17 month update?  Because we had 17 month photos taken and I feel the need to write something and not just post photos.  The timing is slightly less random than you might think. Basically, I wanted 18 month photos/holiday photos taken but our wonderful photography Tanya of Precious Moments Photography is due with her second child in early December and wasn't going to be available closer to the time Nora hits 18 months. So we went with 17 months.  I'm keeping the holiday photos under wraps (pun totally intended) until a more appropriate time. I refuse to give into the holiday spirit until Thanksgiving has passed. 

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